Christmas Eve Football anyone?

The next from a long line of ideas to get even more football on TV, and give even more excuse for fans not to go visit a stadium, is for live games on Xmas Eve.

At the moment it is just one game that is being muted, Arsenal v Liverpool, but as we have seen in the past, this is probably the test case to see if SKY can get away with it.

If they do, we all know it will become a full day of fixtures like a normal Sunday, giving the fans a choice between giving up on their pre Christmas traditions or going to the game.

And by going to the game we mean going to the pub in the most case, not necessarily to the stadium itself watching the game from the stands.

Twice in the past ten years Christmas Eve has landed on a Saturday, on both occasions the Premier League and the EFL have not scheduled games.

There are sports that of course have a tradition of holding events on Christmas Eve, Rugby Union and Horse Racing are just two. So if your idea of an Xmas Eve is to plan how to claim free bets,watching Rugby union or hey even spending time with the family and friends, then why would you give that up to satisfy SKY?

The big consensus at the moment is for the plans to stopped before they get off the ground, fans voiced their opinion that Christmas Eve has always been a non-football day and that is how it should stay.

Another objection for the proposed game is that Liverpool fans would be looking to make their way back home at 6pm. Even if the weather doesn’t play a factor (which it could well do), most wouldn’t get home much before 10 o’clock.

The Football Supporters Federation are throwing their backing behind the fans opposition of this plan, more information here.

Whilst we are on the subject of the FSF, another interesting fight they are helping with, is that at Hull City FC, where the board have scrapped concessions.

Amazingly, the discount for young and old is a discressionary one and up to each individual club whether o give them or not.

Our counterparts at the Hull City Supporters Trust are fighting for the EFL to bring it in as a rule, after seeing kids season tickets rise from £64 to £252 or £450.

In the Premier League every club has to put aside a certain percentage of tickets for concessions, but the EFL don’t have it and the Hull board has pounced.

This is bad for all club, because as mentioned earlier, if one gets away with it, more will follow. Click here for that campaign.

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