Crowdfunding for Safe Standing

Safe Standing has long been a campaign for the FSF and now it looks as though there could be a significant breakthrough as one club has looked to crowd funding to trial the revolutionary Rail Seating on their stands.

Shrewsbury Town are looking to raise £75,000 to become the first club to install an licensed rail seating area in England and Wales. With around £15,000 pledged already, supporters are being urged to back the campaign.

A working rail seat area in England would be a significant breakthrough for the safe standing campaign, the longest running FSF campaign, and would allow us to showcase the benefits of rail seating to clubs and politicians in the heart of England.

Many of us see that fans are creating their own ‘standing area’ in stadiums across the country, regardless of the seating arrangements. So when surveys are done at two PL Clubs, Leicester and Middlesbrough, and both sets of fans overwhelmingly vote for a standing area, surely the clubs and politicians have to stand up and listen (see what I did there???).

More on this is on the Cockney Latic Message Board, FSF website and the crowdfunding for Shrewsbury here

The EFL say:

“This is an important step on the journey towards our stated aim of seeing standing in stadiums across the EFL.

The installation of standing accommodation will prove a valuable opportunity to assess the use of this form of accommodation at an English football ground”

EFL CEO Shaun Harvey
The FSF have been prominent in the ’20’s plenty’ and ‘Watching Football is not a Crime’, representing over 500,000 fans see what they are doing here

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