Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

There is much to learn when it comes to sports betting.  The amount of sports betting options is vast and there are options to bet on for both professional as well as amateur leagues from around the globe.  There is also a huge amount of betting options that a bettor can place on all of the different sports.  This article will look at a few tips to help beginners.

Have Some Knowledge

Strangely enough not all NZ sports betting enthusiasts are sports fans, and for many bettors it is more about the betting rather than a love for sports.  However, first time bettors do have some knowledge, even if it is just a small amount.  Everyone knows something about sports and a great place to start for beginners is to place bets on sports that they already know something about.  They may have been following a particular baseball team and so it would be logical to start placing bets on baseball.

Many bettors make the mistake of betting on a team just because they have some sort of loyalty towards them or simply because they are their favourite team.  There is a difference between betting on what they know and betting with the heart.  A bettors favourite team may not always be the best team.

The Right Time to Bet

Knowing when to place a bet is an important tip and odds will go up and down over a certain time.  Bettors should keep up to date on any injuries, really good performances and even the way other bettors place bets will all influence the odds in some way.  When it comes to sports betting the prices are usually fluid and the odds may change on a favourite the closer it gets to the game.  Placing a bet on the underdog is usually cheaper when placing a bet far ahead of time rather than waiting until the day the game is to be played.

Choose a Sportsbook

There are various sportsbooks each with their own specialty.  Some sportsbooks will focus on European soccer leagues while others on NBA for example.  Bettors should consider having multiple accounts at different sportsbooks which gives them more options when it comes to looking at odds as well as the amount of games that are available for betting.

Formulating a Budget Strategy

Making a budget is probably one of the most important tips when sports betting.  A bettor should decide how much money they can afford to lose and only place bets within that amount.  There are many strategies out there that help bettors to manage their money better.  Bettors should try out some of these and find one that works for them and then stick to it.  Being consistent will minimise the risk of big losses.

Beginners should start with simple bets and bets like props, parlays and teasers can be quite difficult when just starting out.  Rather place bets on the overall outcome of a game that they already have some knowledge of and only place a few bets to see how it goes.  There are also many forums and message boards where bettors can interact and connect with one another.  These forums are very helpful and can be a good way for beginners to get some good sound betting advice from the experts.

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