If you want to bet on football and get the best deal, then we’re here to help you in this article. For those that want to bet with the best sites, look for these hallmarks when you vet a site before you play.


The reputation of a betting site can really be a make or break for players. When certain sites get a reputation of not paying out or having poor odds, their players know all about it. Some of these sites have issues with their reputation that causes them to lose players. This can be difficult to come back from, as these players tend to remember the sites and names that wrong them.

While this can be hard for you to discern on a new site, as there’s not a lot of reputation there, but you can still find some clues. Looking for similar holding companies or owners can give you the tip off if these may be newer sites operated by seasoned owners. Then, you can make your choice based on that reputation.


Generally speaking, casino sites are a lot more secure and vetted than ever before. However, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to sit back and allow them to do whatever they want with your details. Make sure that you know how they protect your details, before you go ahead and share them. Look for high level encryption, secure connections and anything else that would put you at ease.

You can also look for other ways that you can protect your own security, like using an alternative payment provider to act as a middle man. This can give you more control over who you share your details with as you’re not giving them to the site directly.


Getting better value for money is essential, something that’s covered in more depth in a comprehensive new betting sites guide by newcasinosonline.co. This is important for players to understand how the site will reward them long term, in terms of bonuses and promotions. The more you get from the site, the better your experience will be.

When you take this into account, you want to look at what you’re getting over your entire journey as a player there. Beyond the welcome offer, look for other bonuses and promotions to give you that additional value for money. This will keep you raking in more funds to make bets in no time.

You should also think about the terms that are associated with these offers. If you’re unable to cash out or get real money then you may be better taking your money elsewhere. This can drastically impact the value of a promotion, so be picky to get the best deal.

These are just the basics of finding a good site to bet on football with. As you begin to learn more and bet more often, you’ll become au fait with how to choose the best new betting site for you.