This is a huge dilemma as most will go straight to the oldest Sports Cup in the World as the best cup, but is the FA Cup the best?

Wigan Athletic have won quite a lot in their relatively short history and even shorter time whilst in the Football League. We shall ignore the Cups we have missed out on, like the Charity Shield and the League Cup.

But what about the EFL League One Trophy or for that matter any of the Football League Cups we have won, are they not pretty impressive awards?

The Freight Rover Trophy, Manx Cup, Auto Windscreens Shield are just another three of the ‘other’ cups we have won, all looking stunning in their own way.

Possibly the only way to decide would be if you could somehow manage to see them all together in the same place at the same time…. Click here for full details and to book

Well, not only will this happen, but it will be part of the 40th Anniversary Dinner on June 2nd, where players from across the 5 decades will be on hand to let you know what it was like to win them. Having the chance to be up close and personal with all these Cups has never happened before and so should not be missed.

Deadline for buying tickets to this one off event where you can see hold and get photographed with past legends of Wigan Athletic and the Cups they helped our great Club win.