Brad Walker Signs with Crewe Alexandria for Undisclosed Amount

Hartlepool United may not have had much success this past season, and they certainly didn’t impress on many fronts, but there were some small sparkles of imagination and exceptional play on the field. Some of that came from Brad Walker, who earned quite a bit of solid credit outside the team’s inner core, and it grabbed the attention of Crewe Alexandria.

When Hartlepool United dropped to the Vanarama National, it was clear that players of Walker’s caliber were not likely going to stay and while this could make it even more challenging for the team to compete and bring in better players, it means someone else is going to benefit, such as Crewe Alexandria.

A Bit of Competition

This summer there was speculation that quite a few teams had a vested interest in grabbing Brad Walker, including us here at Wigan Athletic and over at Wolves. Both of these teams have a great reputation and would have done well to sign the 21-year old midfielder, but the off field battle victory ended up going to Crewe Alexandria.

The Railwaymen weren’t able to simply sign him without a few because of his age, but a team spokesperson stated that they were thrilled to be adding this young, talented midfielder to their roster with a two year contract.

Brad Walker had logged in over 100 games for Hartlepool, which is an accomplishment by itself because of his young age and had won the League Two Apprentice of the Year award. It’s been rumored for a while that Walker has the skills and tools to be a major player in the future, including for leagues higher up the proverbial ladder, so there’s been a lot of attention placed on him.

What happens now?

Even though he isn’t one of Crewe Alexandria’s academic graduates, they are going to be expecting some great things from this young athlete on the field. Crewe Alexandria has long been known to produce strong, young talent and this should be no exception. Many football enthusiasts are convinced that Brad Walker will be a star through the years.

While football fans know what this means, for the average online gaming enthusiast, it’s like winning Mega Moolah and now being able to enjoy the fruits of some hard work, especially when one considers just how impressive it is to beat out other teams like Athletic and Wolves.

Stepping up.

There are always going to be concerns about young talent as they step up to another league or join a new team. How will he fit in? Will the increased competition make it more difficult for him to perform at this higher level? What happens when he begins to face more talented, stronger, and fiercer competition?

These are questions that every great athlete faces as they move up in their careers, and few have many doubts about Brad Walker‘s ability to excel at this new level, and they will likely be looking for him to move up again in a couple of years.

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