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Wigan Athletic Supporters Club contact details.

If you wish to contact Wigan Athletic Supporters Club, you may do so by writing, emailing or by social media. Please understand we are a voluntary organisation and as such we all have day jobs too, therefore you may not get a reply straight away:

Official Wigan Athletic Supporters Club

Wigan Athletic Supportes Club Trust
c/o Wigan Athletic Football Club
DW Stadium
Loire Drive
Robin Park

General, Events and Media Enquiries


Call 07889 533035 if you need to speak to someone, but be mindful we have full time jobs so may not be able to answer and need to call you back..

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Want to Join The Supporters Club?

Wigan Athletic Supporters Club is a non-profit organisation which allows us to keep the costs low for travelling to away games, without compromising safety, comfort or security click here to apply.
Membership of the Supporters Club also gives extra benefits in the Wigan Athletic Supporters Club Bar, which provides a safe place for fans to go a couple of hours to chat and meet before most home games.

Click ‘Get involved’ for more information on the huge benefits of membership.