Rather than let the tension get to you in the build up to a big game, why not distract yourself with a few fun activities that also pass the time quickly? We’ve put together four exciting options for you to try out so you don’t end up twiddling your thumbs before kickoff.

Get Into Smartphone Gaming

Mobile devices have come on in leaps and bounds in terms of the entertainment experiences they offer. There are thousands of games to play and a whole heap of free content that will hold your attention whenever you’ve got a spare moment.
If you fancy winning a bit of cash while you wait for a match to start, you could download the Casumo Casino app and take a few spins on the various slots on offer. If you want to test your strategic skills, you could fire up PUBG Mobile and join a squad of like-minded players to try and last as long as you can in a face-off against others.
There are more relaxing apps out there to try as well, such as the hugely popular and influential puzzler Monument Valley. It will require you to test your brain, think in new ways and overcome a huge variety of challenges in a beautifully realised, pastel-coloured world.

Do Some Exercise

The nervous energy that’s racing around your body before a match doesn’t need to go to waste if you choose to use the time wisely and take a trip to the gym. It’s also a healthier option than sitting on the sofa and gorging on snacks and drinks.

Gym memberships can be expensive, so a cost-effective alternative is to exercise in your own home. Interval training is a good option for quick bursts of activity, so install an app like Seconds to time and track your progress. The added advantage of this is that you won’t have to move far from the TV while you work out, so you’ll never miss a second of the game or the build-up.

Learn To Bake

In the era of high profile baking competitions gripping the nation’s attention, it’s now obvious that baking is for everyone. It’s also a great activity to keep you occupied when you are trying to kill a bit of time.

As some recipes can be incredibly complex, it makes sense to begin with simple options that only take a short time to prepare and involve a smaller number of ingredients so that there is less to go wrong. The baking section of the BBC’s Food website is a good place to get started, so head there to find some inspiration and see what you can create.

Book A Holiday

Trying to find the right time to plan your next family trip, whether it’s a domestic jaunt or an overseas adventure, can be tricky. A lot of people find the entire process either dull, stressful or a bit of both. But with a gap in your schedule before a game, why not bite the bullet and start browsing for holidays?

You can easily compare prices and find last minute deals on a range of sites and platforms, meaning that it’s usually possible to make a significant saving. It is also a good idea to take advantage of sites like TripAdvisor to find high quality accommodation, while relying on guides like The Lonely Planet to work out what sights you should see when you arrive.

Whatever you decide to do before a match, it’s better to plan ahead, or you might be out of options when the time arrives.