As we all now know Ian Carter collapsed at the end of the game Rotherham and Monica and the rest of the family would like to thank all those that helped Ian at the Stadium, it was the quick thinking of fans and stewards that got him to hospital so fast.

Jason Taylor, SLO and Committee Member of the Supporters Club has been regularly visiting him and he has asked we share this….

On reaching Salford Hospital, it was confirmed there that a bleed to the brain had resulted in the stroke, probably a result of high blood pressure which has affected all his left side and speech.

They managed to control his blood pressure and by that night was orientated and when he came round was naturally more concerned about getting to the Brentford game.

The doctors and nurses got him stable, but scans on that Sunday revealed he’s still having issues with his blood pressure and the last scan showed a small increase in the bleed.

He was on hourly observations and thankfully everything was brought under control and he was moved back to Wigan on the Wednesday.

Since then his progress has been exceptional, he can now sit up, talk and his physio is working his body hard to get his up and mobile as soon as possible.

He will soon be off the dedicated Stroke Ward and move to a Rehab area.

It looks like it will be -8 weeks recover from now, but he is looking forward to seeing everyone at the DW Stadium soon.

Again, the show of support and comments on Facebook are overwhelming, his family will be taking his iPad and phone in to him and I am sure he will reply whenever he is up to it.

Ian Particularly enjoyed the visit from Christian Walton and Jonathan Jackson.

We wish him a rapid recovery.