It is a long time since any trouble has been seen at Latics and a lot of that is down to the work the police do at the ground. We all know about the past with muck ups in the billing and the arguments and court cases with Mr. Whelan, but they are all firmly in the past now and the new breed are on patrol.

The police and the Supporters Club can play a big role in keeping the staus quo, if any anti-social behaviour or signs of trouble are seen, there is usually an officer close to hand. The main problem they are trying to tackle is the one of some ‘bad eggs’ in the crowd on home match days.

We all love a bit of banter with the away fans and it is to be expected, but there are a certain bunch that seem to want to throw that extra bit of abuse, unnecessary abuse at that, towards the North Stand.

It happens that these individuals get the away fans so irate that the police see them going outside to look for the culprits as leave the stands. Of course these people are usually nowhere to be seen and what the police don’t want is for inocent supporters bearing the brunt of what these mindless idiots cause.

This is where we as suppporters should not let it lie, we have all heard what is shouted and cringed, but just left it at that. If something offends you at any game, let officers know, they will do something about it.

None of us want to see trouble at games, or listen to the bile that comes out of the mouths of these people, we must make a stand. It isn’t a huge problem, it is just 15-20 ‘youths’ usually that seem to want to go to games just to rile other fans, some/most of them aren’t even interested in the game.

Away games will always have the same Wigan liaison officers there to help fans out with any problems and like the Supporters Club they can be called on whenever you need them. Don’t just stand by if somebody is doing something they shouldn’t, we need to do something about it.

So together with the police, the Wigan Athletic Supporters Club look to keep our good name good and it is only with us helping ourselves, will the police be able to keep control.

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