Recently an increase in Match Category for the Leeds United v Wigan Athletic game on Boxing Day saw ticket prices increase from £28 to a potential £41 for supporters wanting to pay on the day.

Alan Moore, a writer at ‘This Northern Soul’ was outraged and petitioned for a boycott of the game to bring attention to the unacceptable cost of tickets and we applaud him for doing so and highlighting fans are not happy.

As associate members of the FSF and other National Fans incentives Wigan Athletic Supporters Club have long since backed Campaigns for lower ticket prices, and have brought such campaigns to Latics supporters many times in the past.

Evidence has shown in the past that away fans boycotting games does not achieve the results that are ultimately wanted. WASC also wouldn’t get behind an initiative that would stop fans travelling to get behind their team, for the reason just mentioned, but the choice is down to each individual.

But Alan has highlighted what ALL fans and active supporters of Football want; a fair price to watch a football match. At the moment there are far too many teams charging Premiership Prices outside of the Premiership (these prices are still way too high, even if you are able to watch the top teams in the country).

wigan-dw-flagsWe are very lucky at Wigan Athletic, as we have a Chairman, CEO and Club that has a close relationship with the fans and hence why our prices are already at the level that motions such as the 20s Plenty Campaign are fighting for.

The Players at Wigan Athletic have very kindly gone ‘halves’ with the fans for tickets to this game and so we ask those 500 or so fans to still help the cause that Alan was originally proposing to do the boycott for.

The plan was for everybody to donate to the Brick Charity in Wigan, instead of paying for the ticket to go to the game.

As the ticket will now only cost £18, we ask that supporters consider donating some or all of the £10 saving that we have essentially got from last season’s price for a ticket to this same game.

We also ask fans to go to the FSF website and sign up for the campaign to get a FAIR price for a ticket to watch football.

FSF 20s Plenty Campaign

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