Wigan Athletic, better known as the Latics or the Tics, is a famous “young” club in England. It can be described as young because it was founded a bit later than the rest of the other clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and all the others. However, they have had their share of the good and bad. Here is a look at the Tics and how far they have come. With William hill promos, you can bet and play on your favorite games online and win big.

Background History.

Wigan is a town which is located between Liverpool and Manchester. The club was founded in 1932 following the collapse of Wigan Borough. It was created so that the city could have a stable football club which could represent the town. Wigan was famous for its rugby club.  However, Wigan Athletics was the fifth team after four previous teams were not successful. The four groups are; Wigan United, Wigan County, and Wigan Borough and Wigan Town.

Starting the club had been ejected into the Football League after Manchester Central resigned. However, in 1932, it was voted in the Football League, and it played its first game against Port Vale Reserves.

The Football League.

Wigan Athletic 1978/1979
Back Row: Kevin Smart, Peter Houghton, Neil Davids, Geoff Gay, John Brown, Frank Corrigan, Noel Ward, Joe Hinningan, Jeff Wright Front Row: Ian McNeill (Manager), Alan Crompton, Ian Seddon, Tommy Gore, Ian Gillibrand (captain), John Wilkie, Ian Purdie, Kenny Banks (Trainer)

It took Wigan Athletic a long period before they were voted in the Football League. During that time a team in the League had to be voted out so that a non-league team could be voted in. In 1978 the Latics took on the position of Southport after the later finishing at the bottom of the Fourth Division. On June 2, 1978, Wigan Athletic officially became an English Football League.

During the first season, the club finished in the sixth position. It was only six points less from getting automatic promotion. However, in 1982, they gained their first promotion under former Liverpool player Larry Lloyd. Nevertheless, the main event in their history was in 1992 when Dan Wheeler purchased the club. It marked one of the best times in their existence.

The best era.

Dan Wheeler was a local millionaire who purchased the club, and he would take it to new heights. The Premier League to be exact. Besides, Wheeler brought in three Spanish players- Isidro Diaz, Roberto Martinez, and Jesus Seba. The trio was better known as the three amigos. In 1995-96 John Dehaan became the new manager of the team. Wigan Athletic made it to the Premier League in 2005, but before then they won the Third Division in 1997 and the Second Division in 2003.

The Premier League.

They made their first appearance in the Premier League in 2005. During their first season, they were in the 10th position. They were able to make it to League One. For the next eight years, they moved from a small time club to one of the biggest football clubs in England.  The team has even faced Manchester City for the FA Cup, and well they won. Dan Wheelan is one of the best things that happened to Wigan Athletic.