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Wigan Athletic has quite a healthy online presence with many Forums, message boards, websites and social media outlets. Here are some of the Message Boards and Forums that are out there:

WAFCSupportersClub_150x222Wigan Athletic Supporters Club

Wigan Athletic Supporters Club have been around since the Springfield Park days and are the OFFICIAL Supporters Club for Wigan Athletic Football Club.
We have recently added a Forum to this website to allow our members and fans of Wigan Athletic a place to go to make comments, add views, talk about the Football Club and so much more. We have even more recently added the SLO or Supporters Liaison Officer area in there so there is an open Forum of issues raised and solved.

Wigan Athletic Supporters Club Forum / Message Boards – Click Here

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CL-Logo-500x500Cockney Latic

Cockney Latic started off life as a Fanzine to keep fans that had moved away from Wigan to go to further education or new jobs (mainly in London, hence Cockney Latic), informed about what was gong on with Wigan Athletic and Wigan.

Their Forum / Message Board and arguably the website, is by far the most established having been around since 1998, creating an online portal for the very popular fanzine that was sold at the ground.

Their Message Board is still the busiest of all the Wigan Athletic Forums and welcomes every fan with open arms.

Cockney Latic Message Board >>>>>> Click Here